Injuries to the head and traumatic brain injury (TBI) make up a substantial portion of injuries treated in the hospital emergency room. Falls, assaults, auto accidents, sports, and recreation are the most common cause of these injuries. Apart from auto accidents the most severe often occur in military training, combat or on the sports field. Although there are many tools in use for assessing the severity of such accidents they do not evaluate the impact on the dynamic fluid circulation within the skull and are mostly invasive. The maintenance of blood flow to the brain and importantly the removal of waste products from the brain ensure the auto-regulation processes necessary for healthy brain function.

As currently employed, Computerized Tomography (CT) and Magnetic Resonance Imagery (MRI) only provide a static evaluation of the injury and require absolute subject ‘stillness’. These measurements are expensive, time consuming and require highly skilled technicians to evaluate the findings.

Compared to these devices, the Bodiflo LLC system is non-invasive, less expensive and safe to use.

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