About Impedance

Bodiflo LLC has developed a non-invasive, research device, which measures dynamic fluid circulation in the head.

Head Fluid Dynamics is defined as movement of both blood and cerebro spinal fluid (CSF) over a period of time.

Impedance is an important measure, which can assist in assessing the ‘cranial compliance’ of a subject. Cranial compliance refers to the relative elasticity of the cranial system and the ease with which the brain fluids move through brain tissue.

Development of a methodology for measuring fluid circulation in the head has lagged behind imaging devices until very recently.

The Bodiflo LLC system helps to assess cranial compliance based on the qualitative behaviour and quantitative fluid volumes presented in the skull.

Furthermore, there is a significant amount of research undertaken which has identified that Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF) acts as an auto-regulator or ‘waste collector’ for the brain.

The relationship between CSF and brain fluid volumes in a patient is integral to the patient’s prognosis as it can identify when and sometimes how a patient’s brain is failing to auto-regulate.

The amount of “water” that a cell takes on in the brain is also of critical importance in brain injury management as is the cardiovascular competence level of the heart/lung/body.

The individual should be able to maintain body “homeostasis” – when the person cannot “Auto-Regulate” then he/she has exceeded reasonable physiologic capacity for maintaining health.