U.S. Patent Granted For Non-Invasive Brain Investigation Device

Bayshore, New York, October 18th. Dr.Terence Vardy, owner and CEO of Neuromuscular Technology has been granted a U.S. patent for a medical device he invented to non-invasively monitor brain fluid dynamics.
The now patented system uses a combination of Doppler and Bio-Impedance devices to measure the blood and cerebrospinal fluid within the head.
This revolutionary invention is called mf-REG/TCD and a company called Bodiflo has been established to market and sell the product in the United States. Bodiflo LLC is an affiliated company to Neuromuscular Technology LLC.
Initially funded by the United States Department of Defense, research studies using the technology have been operating for a number of years. Studies and research papers have also been published about these technologies.
Bodiflo is expected to emerge in the North American market place in 2020, pending FDA classification.
Neuromuscular Technology LLC is a biomed company based out of Bay Shore, New York with a variety of innovative technologies for a wide range of medical applications.
If you would like more information about Neuromuscular Technology LLC or Bodiflo LLC please email tv8000@isotechnology.net